Economic Development

Maura will promote economic development that creates opportunity, serving and balancing the needs of all stakeholders – our communities, workers, employers, and investors.

With a visionary public-private partnership, we are poised to create the next Massachusetts Miracle, expanding our place as a world leader, engaging our resources in investment and capital, high-tech innovation, and academic creativity to build a dynamic economy that embraces climate resiliency and sustainable growth. Maura will make certain that these partnerships, first and foremost, serve the current and future needs of our residents and our environment.

Maura knows that a healthy economy for all our citizens must be built from the bottom up, the middle out, and the top down. She will continue to lift up workers by advocating for universal child care, fair wages, and strong benefits. She will build out our middle class by investing in education, workforce training, housing affordability, and public transportation. Maura will also take a close look at our tax policy to make sure it addresses today’s extreme concentration of wealth and income such that our sources of revenue and our expenditures lead to a fairer and more balanced economy. 

Maura’s economic development agenda will include the following: 

  • Approach all efforts through an equity lens, ensuring that everyone in Massachusetts has the opportunities to access high-quality jobs and careers by supporting wraparound services like child care and living stipends.
  • Undertake historic investment and recommitment to connecting workers everywhere in the Commonwealth to good jobs, including to critical industries like health care, education, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, and behavioral health.
  • Lead the nation in training and preparing workers to participate in the clean energy economy by establishing a Climate Action and Innovation Leadership Council charged with making Massachusetts the best place in the country to start, staff, and grow a firm that solves environmental and climate challenges, as well as tripling the budget for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) to spur clean tech job growth.
  • Promote and expand Early College efforts across the Commonwealth, providing more young people with pathways to opportunity and post-secondary success.
  • Encourage entrepreneurism, especially for women and people of color by creating an Office of Economic Assistance to advise and assist in developing business plans, facilitate regulatory compliance, and help people access needed capital and borrowing. 
  • Partner with labor and industry to create pathways to meaningful opportunities and steady careers in important sectors.
  • Ensure that Massachusetts remains competitive by creating a regulatory environment that encourages and supports opportunities for start-ups, as well as growth of existing businesses, that are consistent with our community’s vision. 
  • Bring new resources and attention to Massachusetts’ robust network of vocational and technical high schools, coordinating those assets with regional community colleges and industries to maximize their impact and fulfill their potential.
  • Enact stronger protections against wage theft so that workers are better protected.
  • Expand opportunities for employment, housing, and more for individuals leaving places of incarceration.


  1. Climate
  2. Criminal Justice Reform
  3. Disability Rights
  4. Economic Development
  5. Education
  6. Health Care and Behavioral Health Care
  7. Housing
  8. Immigration
  9. LGBTQ+ Rights
  10. Reproductive Freedom
  11. Transportation
  12. Voting Rights
  13. Child Tax Credit
  14. MassReconnect